Monster Shirt


What would a 30 ft. t-shirt say if it could speak? Hopefully something a little more interesting than that. Too bad we'll never find out, because even though we've made a 30 ft. t-shirt, we doubt that it'll acquire the ability to speak the language of us humans: the language of love.

STILL! We managed to make the biggest pretty nice shirt in the world, at the Mediamatic Fabriek! See more on the project page on Mediamatics website >

Bits & Pieces

We used scraps, strips, shreds, slices, slivers, morsels and mouthfuls, bits and bytes, snippets and smithereens, fragments, odds, ends, and leftovers of white fabric donated by atticpeople from all around! Reusing stuff is pretty nice!

As soon as we had enough material we asked our lovely mothers to help us stitch all the bits and pieces together to create a gigantic tent-like t-shirt. The shirt was suspended from the beams of an old run-down warehouse.

Perfection No Existo, Muchacho

We believe perfection is a concept that exists in real life as much as SeƱor Babblebummi Gonadz is the name of a character we didn't just invent to make an analogy about the non-existence of perfection. That's why we have spent years advocating the imperfect, mainly through making shirts that aren't really nice. Then we decided to take things a step further by building the biggest pretty nice shirt in the world.

Unleashing the Monster Inside You

After finishing the Monster Shirt construction we hosted a little launch party during which we made a huge print together with our guests, using the materials of life, check out some pictures of this crazy event right here.

In the months after the party we hosted workshops inside the shirt for people who claimed they weren't creative. Once they stepped inside our Monster Shirt we respectfully disagreed with these people, then disrespectfully yanked the creativity out of them.

If you want us to organise a workshop for you get in touch and send us a little message >